UN won’t accept a military solution in Libya. But war continues…

Fayez al Serraj

Roma, 6 Aprile 2019 – Diplomats at work in an attempt to stop the new civil war in Libya. Fayez al Serraj, Prime Minister of the Libyan National Accord Government (GNA) in a speech a few moments ago addressed the Libyan people talking about the efforts made for the reconstruction of Libya after the gaddafi and accused the Field Marshal Khalifa Haftar of treason. “This is a war that will have no winners,” Serraj said.

And some minutes ago, US Deputy Sec. of State Sullivan has expressed more than concern on Libya: “We are urging that the parties stand down. An incursion into Tripoli would be an exceedingly bad and dangerous move.”

The Tripoli government called on the French ambassador to protest against Paris’s support for Haftar.

This morning, the President of the Council, Giuseppe Conte, had a telephone conversation this morning with UN Secretary General Antonio Guterres.

President Giuseppe Conte

President Conte expressed his concern about the latest developments in Libya, a concern strongly shared by Guterres whorecently left the Libyan country after several meetings, including the one with Haftar.
The President Conte reiterated Italy’s strong support for the United Nations-led political transition process, considered the most effective and sustainable way to achieve the final pacification and stabilization of the country for the benefit of the entire Libyan people.

The President Conte and the Secretary General Guterres will remain in close connection in the coming days. The resumption of an effective dialogue between the parties remains the goal shared by the international community, which already in various formats – as last time in the declaration of the G7 Foreign Ministers – expressed itself in this sense.

And still today, Eni has decided to evacuate the Italian personnel from Libya as “a precautionary decision”.

Eni’s Italian staff is present in the Wafa field, in Tripolitania, and in the El Feel field in the south. The evacuation of the oil company took place in conjunction with the Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

SRSG UNSMIL Ghassan Salamé

After a meeting today with PC President Fayez Serraj, Ghassan Salamé has declared: “I want to reassure the Libyans that the UN will not leave them by themselves and will stay in Libya, working towards a political solution, silencing the guns and a peaceful political understanding btwn the various parties”.

Today, SRSG UNSMIL Ghassan Salamé confirmed in a press conference that the Libyan National Forum ( Libyan National Conference, 14 – 16 April) will be held on time as scheduled if there is no force majeure that might lead to its postponement.

Photo courtesy UNSMIL

“Despite the security challenges, municipal council elections took place today in Wadi El Bawanees, Al Ghrefa, Waze, Regdaleen – UNSMIL tweets – we applaud CCMCELy efforts to prepare and hold elections for the second week in a row allowing Libyans to democratically elect their local councils”.

Zintan Military Council vehicles – photo courtesy libyan tweet source – The Libyan Observer

Meanwhile we are writing this story, libyan sources says that Zintan Military Council sends more than 100 armed vehicles to Tripoli to join forces against eastern invaders as heavy fighting continues in some southern parts of the capital.

But in Tripoli there are few who believe in the words of the SRSG of UNSMIL and this war founded on the cravings of power of the leader of Cyrenaica supported by France and Saudi Arabia, Egypt and Russia, has generated further distancing and discouragement towards the activity of the Mission of United Nations in Libya. Many tweets from Tripoli complain that they have been left alone by the diplomacy that they are waiting for – reads the tweets – to see who will be the winner and then continue with partisan decisions based on the economic interests that foreign states have in Libya. This is not a football game, war generates laceration and deaths and peace built on the blood of brothers is never a true peace. One can only hope and pray that common sense has the upper hand, but what we see is only an escalation of death while the warlord protects the interests of his own power and his financiers.

Dr. Aymen Hirama

Among the victims of this new war there is also Dr Aymen Hirama was killed by Haftar’ forces who hit the ambulance. Aymed was very active during the war in Sirte against ISIS. Once again a war crime, hitting an ambulance, hitting those who fought against Daesh. R.I.P.

Sometimes – perhaps often – diplomacy appears tired and powerless, but the Libyan people of the land so loved by my grandfather and my family, needs peace, deserves to live in peace, has the right to a better life in peace and democracy . Sometimes I wonder why peace is so difficult but we all know that the lust for power is not afraid of generating wars without any respect for the human life of the children of his land. With the hope that this is the last war, the last time the Libyan people have to suffer for the umpteenth unnecessary war. And that the path to a true democracy can triumph and bring well-being to my Libyan brothers. Inshallah!

Below, in the photos, the declarations of the Security Council of the United Nations and of the Council of Ministers of the G7.


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